What went into the mouths of celebs this week? Lots of good stuff, of course.

Lea Michele had a busy week promoting her 'Louder' release, so she warmed up with a cup of something soothing, while Drew Barrymore learned how to make homemade pasta, with some help from her famous female friends.

See who enjoyed croissants in Paris, who tackled chicken parm, who stuffed himself with chicken and waffles and more!

Mindy Kaling fueled up on Godiva chocolate while memorizing lines. Brain food!

Nikki Williams had a hearty lunch of tomato soup and beer. That's a nice late winter meal.

Lea Michele enjoyed a warm wake up cup of something.

Mikey from To Be One noshed on chicken and waffles while the band's video premiered.

We'd like to bury our faces in a bowl of Tootsie Rolls with Emmy Rossum.

Christina Milian and chicken parm -- what a combo!

Jessica Alba noshed on croissants and OJ in Paris.

A fruit salad with more than the usual melons and grapes -- a sweet and healthy plate for foodie Xtina Milian, who has quite an appetite, since she shows up in this list at least twice a week.

Jason Derulo was lean and mean.

Mmmm, pasta.

Drew was joined by friends.

Drew also crafted some homemade ravioli.

A big steak for a little girl: Christina Milian!

Jessie J had "date night."