Food is fun and, thanks to Instagram, it's photographable and shareable. Take some time out of your day to see what some of your fave celebs noshed on this week. Lea Michele went the yum yum healthy route, while Shay Mitchell housed some pizza.

Scroll the pics to see who ate snacks (not snakes) on a plane and also found a spider (!!!) in his breakfast; who enjoyed some luxe chocolates and more.

It might inspire you the next time you nom nom nom.

Green juice for Lea Michele. Healthy, healthy, healthy.

Austin Mahone was being a good spokesman for FlavorSplash.

Treats of the imported chocolate kind for Mindy Kaling.

Protein-packed eats for Jessie J.

Godiva chocolates for Drew Barrymore.

Lucy Hale fangirled over Starbucks, because, well of course she did.

Snoop's bacon roses. Sniff, eat, or both?

A spider in Jason Derulo's breakfast, whoa! Yikes to the nth degree.

Kourtney Kardashian, Jaden Smith and Kylie Jenner dining out.

Super decadent bevvie for Christina Milian.

Hoedown cupcakes for Lauren Conrad.

A wellness shot for Nikki Reed. That ought to cause her to glow!

Vittles for Snoop or his pooch?

Jessie J's pizza face. See it?

We share Snoop's sweet tooth.

That's some salad for Mindy Kaling.

Preggers Drew is noshing for two.

Watch out for that seafood tower, Emmy Rossum.

Shay Mitchell had pizza after a hike...

Mike Posner feasted on some bday cake.

Plane snacks for Jason Derulo.