It's food time again! Celeb Instagram feeds saw lots of food and drink photos this week, which were shared before and while consumed. Nina Dobrev was food-happy, posting several pics of her eats, as was her fellow brunette actress Emmy Rossum.

See which actor went onto a cleanse and a juice fast, which pop diva celebrated her birthday with a gluten-free cake from her record label and much, much more. Let the stomach growling commence.

A 'Glee' cast rooftop lunch. Bruschetta. Bevvies. Nice shades.

Jessie J's label got her a gluten-free cake for her birthday.

Carly Rae Jepsen's waffles were the breakfast of a princess, since she is playing Cinderella on Broadway, and of champions.

Starbucks for Cher Lloyd! Dead giveaway, right? Craig is her hubby.

Now that's a breakfast on Emmy Rossum's table.

Nina Dobrev's Kombucha made us want to be healthier with our beverages.

Those are Jessie J's healthy and yummy eats. She is a notorious food pic poster; we've come to accept this fact.

Kendall Jenner enjoyed some mangos and sticky rice -- four bowls' worth, according to her caption, while in an island paradise with her family.

Mindy Kaling cookies. Not Mindy Kaling's cookies. But Mindy Kaling is "on" the cookies. We want batches of those in our bellies.

Emmy Rossum got more ice cream on her nose than in her mouth.

Shaved ice is a sign of spring. Ask Lucy Hale!

Nina Dobrev again... looks like finger foods.

Homemade mac and cheese and hot sauce -- that's Comfort Food City right there. Guess who? Jessie J again.

Dobrev... again. This time, she had some brownies.

An early birthday treat for Kourtney Kardashian, who celebrates a birthday on April 18.

Chord Overstreet was on a cleanse. Godspeed! That's a good idea, especially if you saw some of the stuff he posted recently. It was gooey and good.

Mini 'Bucks! Lucy Hale pointed out the cup's cuteness.

Jeremy Messersmith had an "Olive Oil and Pistachio cake with Blood Orange Marmalade and candied Kumquats. BOOM. #VeganPowers." Gosh, that looks mega delish.