It's nom nom nom time. See what your fave celebs consumed this week (but not before they shared an Instagram pic of that which they were about to devour). It wasn't just about solids. There was an abundance of pics of stars posing with their beverages, as well.

Like Selena Gomez, with a Starbucks drink in her hand. Then there was the opposite end of the spectrum with Emma Roberts, who dove into a thick slice of cake while watching 'Girls.'

See who tossed back green juices, who stuffed herself with greasy but delish mozzarella sticks and more.

We can hear your stomachs growling.

Jessica Alba enjoyed some green juice. It didn't look appetizing, but it had to be healthy.

So did Nikki Williams. It was apple, kale, spinach, lemon. Mmm, we think?! The singer looked pretty happy with her bevvie. We were crushing on her smoky eye makeup.

Starbucks for Selena Gomez.

Lauren Conrad sipped some refreshing pink lemonade. Mmmm! Is it summer yet?

She also learned how to make rose-flavored cupcakes and shared this video.

Jessie J noshed on mozzarella sticks.

She was also feeling the carbs and bread.

Shay Mitchell feasted on chicken roti with a can of coconut water.

And she shared her cupcakes, too!

Parachute had some PB&J and bananas. What a throwback, grade school-appropriate lunch.

Mikey from To Be One enjoyed a balanced breakfast.

Shay also enjoyed some bite-sized vittles on small spoons. She's another foodie, posting tons of noshable pics.

Notorious health nut Jason Mraz posted a photo from the harvest. Those are avocados.

Mindy Kaling hit the hard stuff.

A Ludafeast for Ludacris!

More pasta and carbs from Luda, aka Foodacris.

This is what we call a Snoop Dogg calorie fest. Notice the Red Vines. Those are STOOPID delish.

Christina Milian went ALL out for daughter Violet's bday party. That looks like a wedding cake, not a toddler's!

Emma Roberts x cake x catching up on 'Girls.' That's the LIFE!

More nom nom nom from Christina Milian.

AnnaSophia Robb got a good look at leafy green produce.

Sammy Adams feasted on oysters, known for their aphrodisiac quality.

Jessie J tossed back a celebratory bevvie.

Two perfectly round scoops of vanilla and chocolate ice cream for Chord Overstreet. Could those scoops be anymore perfectly circular?

Joe Jonas was eyeing something delicious and unhealthy.

Musical cupcakes. Guess who?!