Who doesn't love to look at photos of food? That — and pet photos — is what Instagram is for, right? The only thing better than appetizing pics are those posted by celebrities, because, let's face it, they can afford the most amazing food! We collected this week's best food and drink photos from some of the biggest celebs, so you can drool over their incredible meals and live vicariously through them!

Anna Kendrick got a little sprinkle happy this week! (Hopefully paired with dessert, but we won't judge if not.)

Speaking of sprinkles -- Lena Dunham's got 'em!

No cigars for Beyonce. Just cherries on ice, please!

Emma Roberts went for a sushi date with her gal pals.

Yum! Nikki Reed's family knows how to have a proper get-together!

Shay Mitchell's favorite bell peppers? Purple, of course!

Hilary Duff's elephant latte was adorable AND delicious!

Kat Dennings has excellent taste in Italian ice.

Hope you were finished with that oatmeal, Katy Perry!

French fries and 'Parks and Recreation'? Lorde had an awesome afternoon.

Jason Mraz loves gyros so much he made up a song for them.

Khloe Kardashian went farm stand hopping in the Hamptons.

Wine and fresh salad in a bikini? Jealous of your life, Ellie Goulding!

Mindy Kaling has the right idea. Sriracha hot sauce makes everything better, including McDonald's.

Kevin McHale better hurry up and eat that gelato before the Italian sun melts it away.

Selena Gomez also enjoyed a little gelato during her Italy stay.