Taylor Swift has had a pretty tumultuous love life, but it seems like the world is still rooting for her to land a man (and keep him around for at least six months).

Despite a pretty checkered and lengthy dating history with other famous faces -- John Mayer, Jake Gyllenhaal, Taylor Lautner, Joe Jonas, a random college guy, Conor Kennedy, possibly Ed Sheeran and maybe Harry Styles of One Direction -- there are still some famous faces that she hasn't written songs about yet. Which celeb guys would a professional matchmaker hook her up with?

Zimbio reports that relationship expert and pro matchmaker Amber Kelleher-Andrews of NBC's upcoming 'Ready for Love' reality show has a few suggestions for Swift, 22.

One suggestion was Prince Harry, 28. We think this would be perfect for a few reasons: One, he's a prince, and she's obsessed with fairy tales. Two, it'd keep her well-manicured paws off of that other Harry we all love so much, and three, he's not in high school. Why does Kelleher-Andrews think it's a good match?

"I believe she would kind of calm him down a little bit, but she's still very much a part of that young, untouchable crowd that he clearly seems to be attracted to," Kelleher-Andrews said. "She would hold that high energy of stardom for him, but at the same time she's very calming."

Further, Kelleher-Andrews thinks the Queen would adore Tay-Tay. While she cited the long distance aspect as potentially harmful to a long-term relationship, Swift is reportedly considering plunking down some pounds (or Euros) for a pad in London.

Another suggestion? 'Star Trek' actor Chris Pine, 32, because he seems like he'd be ready for the kind of commitment that Swift seems so desperate for. Additionally, he wouldn't be threatened by her fame since he's got his own stuff going on -- and also because Kelleher-Andrews notes that he "comes from a long line of famous actors so he's got a solid foundation. He has that stability of a family that comes around him and supports him and he's not out there on his own, loosey-goosey and unreliable."

One suggestion we don't necessarily think is a good one? Swift's already-rumored hookup partner, 19-year-old Patrick Schwarzenegger. Kelleher-Andrews says that Schwarzenegger is "a young guy, but he's very mature for his age. He's very, very cute, and he's quite accomplished for such a young man." That may be true, but he's also her ex's cousin. Even the Kennedys don't need that kind of drama!

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