Celine Dion has certainly not had an easy year. When her husband was diagnosed with cancer -- for a second time -- she decided to indefinitely postpone her entertainment duties so she could spend time with him as he recovered from surgery. Then, in June 2014, she began suffering from an inflammation in her throat that made it impossible for her to sing all together.

Recently, however, Celine announced that she is finally making moves to get back to work. A source close to her revealed that her husband is making great progress as his recovery seems to be going well, obviously having an impact on Celine's decision to go back to work. While there's no official word yet as to when she will return to the stage, we are excited to see her doing what she does so amazingly well: sing.

In honor of Celine's impending return to performing, we decided to compile a whole bunch of photos of the 'My Heart Will Go On' singer throughout the years. Check it out above!