Ut-oh. Selena Gomez's unstable stalker, who told his therapist that he spoke to God and member of the LAPD about killing the teen queen and even traveled to Los Angeles in effort to meet her, has seen his charges dismissed by a judge.

TMZ reports that Thomas Brodnicki is going to go free, courtesy of the legal system. While detectives did acknowledge that the man poses a "credible threat" to the 'Who Says' singer, a judge said there is not enough evidence that he will make good on those threats. Prosecutors have 30 minutes to present evidence that he will try and carry out his threats, but he will be freed if they are unable to convince the judge otherwise.

A TMZ producer was stationed in the courtroom and overheard Brodnicki's lawyer tell him "Get the f--- out while you can" after the judge announced the ruling. Perhaps the lawyer is telling him to take his threats and leave Gomez the hell alone for good before he really gets himself into legal hot water?

One piece of good news in this case is that Gomez's restraining order against Brodnicki will remain in effect. He is forbidden to come near the singer/actress/girlfriend of Justin Bieber.

Still, that all has to be unsettling to Gomez, since his threats were pretty vicious. We hope she has heard the last of Thomas Brodnicki.