Singer and 'Glee' guest star Charice has been tapped to perform at the NFL's 10th anniversary 9/11 tribute, which is scheduled to take place during next Sunday's game between the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Tennessee Titans. The fan site Charice Mania reports that the lovely and talented Charice, who was born and raised in the Phillipenes, will sing both the 'Star Spangled Banner' and 'God Bless America.' The game is set to take place in Florida.

Charice has performed these songs in the past. She performed our National Anthem at a Los Angeles Dodgers baseball game at one point. She also performed 'God Bless America' during the Martin Luther King Awards in Washington D.C., as well. So she has plenty of experience with American standards, so to speak!

While Charice was not born in America, she has such a beautiful voice and will no doubt do the songs proud. The NFL's choice of Charice to sing the songs also shows the universal impact that the events of 9/11 had on the world, not just the US.