It's been a big week for Filipina pop singer Charice. Not only did she make her return to 'Glee' on Tuesday, she dropped not one, but two new singles, including this fresh song -- 'One Day.'

Charice takes on the motto, "they're not gonna keep me down," in this headed-for-the-top hit, and stresses that she's just gonna be herself, because haters gonna hate.

Much like in Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way,' the 18-year-old singer stresses that she's going to be who she is, and no matter what anyone says, she'll be successful.

Charice shares her plans for world domination in the super-poppy chorus:

"One day / I'll make you a believer / One day / I got this all I need is / One day / Don't try to tell me I can't / Right now / I'm writing the future / Watch out / I wont stop I'm a mover / One day / You're gonna know who I am"

We love this new wave of uplifting hits from female pop singers, but 'One Day' was actually written and produced by a male teen pop icon -- Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers. "This song takes me back to when I was young, and talks about the road I took to arrive where I am today," the youngest of the Jonai said in a press release. Still, the positivity and not-gonna-stop-trying attitude could be true of lots of our favorite young pop stars, and is a great influence on the 'normal' youngsters who look up to them.

'One Day' comes hot on the heels of Charice's Bruno Mars-penned single, 'Before It Explodes,' and we think it was a great choice for a super quick follow-up. All in all, this song gets our stamp of approval.

Rating: 8/10

Listen to Charice, 'One Day'