Charli XCX's track 'Take My Hand,' starts out with the calling card of teens and 20-somethings all the world 'round, "Why you gotta go to sleep? / Don't go to sleep / Don't go to sleep / Let's go out."

The video for the song starts with Charli singing surrounded by girls waving pom-poms in a darkened and smoke-filled club, which is weirdly reminiscent of Nirvana's classic 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' video.

The British songstress parties it up with her head bangin' colleagues on a sweaty dance floor that looks like the only place in town we'd want to be. Charli wanders through a winding hallway in the establishment, coming across a couple who looks like they are totally into each other and a guy whose smashing an amp with a bat. Sounds like a fun party to us! Where was our invite, Charli?!