Charli XCX graces the June 2015 cover of ASOS, the British clothing site's official magazine, looking '70s mermaid chic in an iridescent, turquoise crop top.

But the fashion-forward British singer wasn't just there to look effortlessly glamorous (though she does, in her signature cool, I-don't-care way) — she also talked everything from her sound to her self-proclaimed stubbornness and her awesome friendship with Rita Ora.

"It's like The Ramones and Barbie had sex… it's loud, it's in your face, but it's like… pink and sassy too," Charli XCX said about her music (quotes via Fashion Gone Rogue). "It's a big middle finger to all the people who thought that I'd get dropped or wasn't a credible artist."

This authentically badass attitude has propelled the "Boom Clap" singer to success — both in the U.K. and in the U.S., a notoriously difficult market to break into.

"I'm stubborn and I have goals… I want to have my fingerprints all over radio forever, not necessarily me singing the songs… but writing," Charli declared. "I've set the bar very high for myself."

And along the way she's bonded with her equally-as-fierce "Doing It" collaborator Rita Ora.

"Rita is so fun and so refreshing to be around… we click so well because we're both chilled," she explained. "Rita is the opposite of a diva and I love that about her." #SquadGoals.

Peep more photos from Charli XCX's ASOS shoot over at Fashion Gone Rogue!

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