Just in the for this academic year, Charli XCX dropped her new video for 'Break the Rules,' which portrays her as a rebellious schoolgirl.

The video is set in various school-related locations, including a football field and inside a graffiti-adorned bus. The hazy quality of the visual definitely gives it an old-school vibe and adds a layer of nostalgia to the overall product.

"I don't wanna go to school / I just wanna break the rules," Charli chants as she and her posse trash a school bus and hang out its windows before making a pitstop at a lingerie store.

Of course, no video set at a high school would be complete without the obligatory prom scene. (Spoiler: Rose McGowan cameos as the dance's supervisor!) When Charli and her friends arrive to shake things up, you can only imagine the outcome!

Watch Charli XCX channel a rebellious schoolgirl and crash prom in the video above.

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