Charli XCX has come to the defense of 'Fancy' collaborator Iggy Azalea in the war of words between Iggy and Azealia Banks.

“Iggy’s not only a rap star, right now at this moment in time she’s a pop icon,” Charli XCX told “And pop icons can do whatever the f--- they want. They don’t have to stick within the boundaries. They don’t have to play the rules the right way. David Bowie didn’t. I’m not comparing her to Bowie, but who gives a f---? It’s just because it’s hip-hop. There’s people who really think about rap and hip-hop in such an old school way.”

Earlier in December, Banks slammed Iggy, accusing her of "misappropriating black culture" by engaging in the hip-hop world and community without commenting on issues such as the events that happened in Ferguson, as well as the Eric Garner case.

Banks also criticized the media for making a star out of Iggy and accused them of pushing Nicki Minaj out of the spotlight. She tweeted: "And the media needs to STOP trying to move [Iggy] in on what Nicki has established."

In response to Banks trying to compare Minaj with Iggy, Charli XCX said, "She’s doing something I don’t think many females have successfully done, which is put rap music in a pop arena. Of course Nicki has done it, but most of her big, big hits are songs like 'Starships' or 'Super Bass' where she’s singing. Iggy doesn’t sing. She’s in a very unique space. For people who are super old school about hip-hop and rap, it’s hard for them to swallow. Also she’s beautiful, white, Australian and female. That doesn’t really happen in hip-hop too much. It’s breaking the mould."

Iggy has defended herself against Banks, tweeting, "There are many black artists succeeding in all genres. The reason you haven't is because of your piss poor attitude."

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