Charli XCX is the quintessential pop-rock princess of our dreams. She's totally brash and unapologetic, with serious attitude and style. In other words: We're obsessed with her. The best part? She has the music and the talent to back it up.

Her most recent effort -- the badass 'Sucker' -- dropped yesterday (Dec. 16), and it's the '90s influenced, killer pop-rock album of our dreams. Thankfully for us, she's been hitting the promo-circuit pretty hard lately which means we have a ton of performances to share, and each one is somehow better than the last.

It's not often that someone can so seamlessly transition from being mostly a features artist (in Charli's case we're talking hugely successful tracks like Icona Pop's 'I Don't Care' and Iggy Azalea's 'Fancy') to one totally owning the airwaves in her own right. But Charli's been doing exactly that -- dominating pop radio yet somehow still making us dust off our leather jackets and creepers. She's equal parts cool and catchy and -- to borrow a line from Icona Pop -- we love it.

Check our her David Letterman performance of 'Need Ur Luv' above. Charli's decked out in a silk one-piece with a flowing red robe and sprawls out on a piano, totally adding to the feel of the song which reminds us vaguely of an updated version of those '50s girl groups our parents plagued us with on long road trips (don't worry, we've since developed our own taste, and 'Need Ur Luv' is absolutely killer).

You can also catch her performance of 'Break the Rules' on the 'Today Show' below, where Charli brings it, like always, with ultimate sass and sex appeal. Get it, girl.

And in case you missed her performing on 'SNL' over the weekend, you can check out her performance of 'Break The Rules' here and 'Boom Clap' here.