It's finally here! The music video for Charli XCX and Rita Ora's collaborative effort, 'Doing It,' was released today (Jan. 20) and it's everything we ever knew we wanted from them. The video is insanely colorful and fun, and sees Charli and Rita almost like a modern day Thelma & Louise pairing.

Between the way it was shot, the outfits and the super high saturation on the video, it's a total retro throwback and Charli and Rita clearly had an awesome time together. To be totally honest, we're kind of obsessed with their chemistry. They play off each other so well, have killer vocals separately and together and clearly have an affinity for each other. Here's to more collaborations between the two of them again the future!

One of our favorite aspects of the video? Other than the insane amount of fun it had to have been to shoot, we're totally obsessed with the fashion. Charli and Rita are definitely channeling some western-inspired clothing, amping it up a notch or two when Charlie dons her super tiny red bra top and denim shorts by the pool. They both look totally killer throughout the video. We should know -- it's been on repeat since we first heard about it!

Check out 'Doing It' above and let us know what you think!

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