Charli announced the upcoming documentary in a series of tweets, writing, "Angels!! i made a documentary called 'The F Word And Me' all about feminism in the music industry. next tuesday at 10.30pm on @bbcthree!! I feel like the question 'whats it like to be a woman in the music industry' is annoying/complex but still necessary. this doc explores that."

She says she spoke with other female artists like Marina and the Diamonds, Ryn Weaver, MS MR's Lizzy Plapinger, British musician Hannah Diamond and LIZ to get "their opinions on the subject too."

Charli continued, "i can't wait for u 2 see this angels. all of the girls i spoke 2 had such interesting & insightful things to say. i hope u can all watch it."

The "Boom Clap" singer reportedly filmed the documentary over the summer when she played festivals like Glastonbury and Lollapalooza. According to a synopsis on DigiGuide, “She talks to fellow artists about what it's like to be a woman in the music business, as she finds out what feminism, the real 'f-word,' means in the 21st century.”

The description continues, "It seems like a golden age for female artists, a time when they are finally running the music world -- even singers like Beyonce proudly stand in front of a feminist logo. But what is it really like to be a woman caught up in the pop machine today?”

The F-Word and Me is set to air on BBC 3 on November 24th at 10:30PM, and will reportedly be posted on BBC 3's site shortly after it broadcast.

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