British singer Charli XCX has dropped the new track 'What I Like' from her upcoming debut album, 'True Romance,' and she's not shy about telling you what's she's into -- boys. In fact, she's rather boastful about it on this bound-to-be-huge track.

It's a sexified, salacious romp about what she likes in "that" way. You know, those things that Charli and a dude like to do while they undress in her house, t-shirts on the floor! The song starts out like a hard, dance floor-designed rave track, but she tones it down and sexes it up with her steamy vocals.

'What I Like' is deliciously dirty when it could have taken a turn for the slick, and we love when she delivers her raps in her natural British accent. It's so cute. But make no mistake -- 'What I Like" is not a sweet track. It's all sass, especially when she says, "This s--- is super cool / This s--- is kinda gangsta / I'm think I'm into you."

'True Romance' is out on April 16.

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