Beep! Beep! The video for Charli XCX's fizzy-pop single "Vroom Vroom" is here, and it is both fast and furious.

In the mostly black and white clip, Charli takes it back to the early '00s, when high-gloss sex-pop reigned. As she jerks and rolls her hips to the choreography, the high-octane track — an electro-pop banger that's equal parts Prodigy and Aqua — whoops and whomps in the background, punctuating each bratty twirl of her high ponytail.

Visually, the video is a mashup of Charlie's Angels and Tokyo Drift: The British pop star dances in front of a sleek Lamborghini Aventador, looking like one of the pixelated trophy girls from the '99 Cruis'n Exotica games as she bounces and bops in a shiny bikini top. She wags her finger, cheekily rapping, "B---hes know they can't catch me / Cute sexy in my ride, sporty / Those slugs know they can't catch me / Beep beep!"

Later, everything shifts to color, Charli and her crew awash in neon hues of blue and purple. In the center, the singer-songwriter struts and writhes in a ruby-red cage dress and thigh high boots as she sings about leaving everyone who can't catch up in her dust: "Boom boom boom / Hear me coming through the radio / Watch me go zoom zoom zoom / Trying to catch me but you're too slow, too slow, too slow."

Go speed racer, go!

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