Almost a half hour into 'The Voice,' and the show has only seen one singer get through to the next round. Will Charlie Rey be one of them?

You know it! The young man who works at his father's garage in California has been longing for a singing career since he was eight years old. "Having all four of them turn around is the goal," he said of how he hopes his audition goes.

The young crooner chose Michael Buble's 'Home,' and though he started a bit rocky and quiet, Blake Shelton turning around was just the spark he needed to build his confidence and keep it strong. And not long after Shelton pressed his button did Adam Levine join him, sparking the always friendly competition among the coaches.

A clear crowd favorite with his good looks and suave vocals, Rey charmed his way  through to the next round. "You have that cool, confident factor and I just want to be a part of that man," said Shelton as he fought for Rey. Cee Lo Green admitted that he got swept away during his audition and was glad someone turned around, and Levine heard a "refined quality" in his voice, which led him to turn his own chair.

The banter between Shelton and Levine was ultimately relentless, as per usual, and poor Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo were caught in the middle of it all. At the end, though, Rey chose Blake Shelton as his coach.