Charlie Sheen has taken to Twitter to pass along a message to Ashton Kutcher: Stop ruining his former show, 'Two and a Half Men.'

Unfortunately, Sheen took to a very public forum to share this sentiment, tweeting the praises of his former co-star Jon Cryer (who plays Alan Harper on the sitcom) while also making a dig at Kutcher, who replaced Sheen in 2011. On Jan. 5, in his usual odd style, Sheen wrote:

People didn't seem to take the actor's joke the way it was supposedly intended, so yesterday, Jan. 6, Sheen followed up with another message:

Sheen also added an apology to Kutcher, before insulting him even more -- and signing off  with the name 'C Harp,' which is most likely a reference to his 'Two and a Half Men' character, Charlie Harper:

Kutcher has yet to respond to Sheen's rant, and we doubt that he will. It seems as if Charlie Sheen hasn't accomplished much with his Twitter tirade -- except our perpetual entertainment, of course.