Snoop Dogg is one versatile rap legend.

One minute he's hopping on a sleek, sweat-soaked dance track with David Guetta, the next he's getting introspective with Miley Cyrus and gliding across reggaeton rhythms as Snoop Lion.

After his return-to-form as D-O-Double G once again with his latest studio album Bush in early May (one of our faves of the year!), the "Gin & Juice" icon is back for another serving of dance floor euphoria, this time with DJ/singer-songwriter/actress Charlotte Devaney.

Conjuring Luciana's hard-edged, fiercely unapologetic speak-sung styling, Devaney delivers in-your-face 'tude with all her ladiez in the video for her gritty dance floor number "Flip It," turning up at the diner table, getting rude with condiment bottles and squeezing into the bathroom for some freshening up with her friends.

“I’m all about fun and humour and that’s what was injected into ‘Flip It.’ It’s a song that will make you smile, dance and not take life to seriously....while whistling like a nutter!” she says of the wild, whistlin' EDM anthem.

And with a song so whistle-driven (it would go great with Hilary Duff's own "Sparks" whistle mash-up!), it's no wonder that the video's filled with colorful lips blowing away to the sound of Snoop's flow. (Come to think of it, he probably hasn't had this much fun in the pop arena since guesting on the Pussycat Dolls' "Bottle Pop.")

Flip it! Dip it! Ride with dis! It's basically like a Bop It theme song.

Watch Charlotte and company go wild up top. Whistle while you twerk, y'all!

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