The second episode of the two-part premiere of 'Chasing the Saturdays' aired tonight (Jan. 21), focusing on the drama that surrounds the Saturdays, a band of U.K. ladies who striving to make it in America. But the journey is only interesting because it is followed by lots of tears, pouting and giggles. On the episode, titled '#SatsCriesAndVideotape,' the drama surrounded band member Vanessa, who was fighting with her BF Gary.

The girls are in the U.S. working their tails off to get noticed, so Vanessa can't be always available or on call for Gary. She's a working woman. While trying to learn a new choreography routine, she breaks down a bit and cries in a corner. The stress is getting to her.

She is comforted by Mollie, who seems to be the source of strength in the group. The pretty blonde is the only single member and is the glue that holds the unit together.  After some giggles and hugs, order is restored to the Saturdays universe, since they proclaim that they are "always there for each other."

The girl group that supports one another stays together, right?

The mood is also lightened when they have to deal with noisy neighbors having loud sex in the apartment next door in their Los Angeles loft, located in a tower downtown.

The other "big deal" of the ep was filming their video for 'What About Us.' Vanessa, who is still moping over Gary, promises not to let her girls down and that she will "smash this video." And smash she does.

The show is a keyhole view of life in a girl group, with the requisite amount of drama, boyfriend problems and professional hardships, such as learning new dance routines and getting moves down right. But the endings are pretty much always neat and clean.

Essentially, the idea that "alls well that ends well" prevails. Problems are solved within 30 minutes, although we'd be willing to plunk down coin on the fact that there will be some cliffhangers as the season progresses.