Cheesa, like many other contestants on the hit singing show 'The Voice,' has a sad back story on her side in addition to a powerful voice. While we were iffy about whether or not she'd be a good fit among the stellar talent already on the judges' teams, the 21-year-old from Honolulu, Hawaii proved everyone wrong and had Cee Lo Green spinning his shiny red chair in her favor.

Cheesa certainly did what she came to do, belting it out and giving her all on Beyonce's 'If I Were a Boy.' But despite only having one name like the famed Destiny's Child singer, Cheesa's sound bounced between sour and sweet, which was why we were surprised when Cee Lo took Adam Levine's advice and turned around, after the Maroon 5 frontman prodded him to "push it" -- meaning his button.

Whether or not it was an impulse or a slip is anyone's guess. Given that the Hawaiian hopeful has been singing since she was in elementary school, she certainly had a way of winning over the only judge she was hoping to see smiling when she wrapped the tune.

Backstage, Cheesa's family waited and wrung their hands, anxious to see if all of their hard work would pay off. The family moved to Los Angeles from the lone island to open an elderly care facility, which was the only way they could pay their Hollywood mortgage. Thankfully, it paid for itself.

Cee Lo told viewers after selecting his latest victim, "America, give it up for this wonderful vocalist. This is what it's all about."

Watch Cheesa Perform 'If I Were A Boy' on 'The Voice'