On Monday night's episode of 'The Voice,' Cee Lo Green's two battle contestants weren't afraid to go after each other. Cheesa and Angie Johnson played a game of vocal chicken, raising the key of Bonnie Tyler's 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' until one wasn't sure she'd be able to hit the notes.

"I think Cheesa was showing off, she's a spit-fire," Johnson said during rehearsals. It was the Hawaiian-born singer who raised the classic ballad first, but then the military woman gave it back, pushing her competitor to a point that was almost unreachable. Cheesa felt her night hinged on one note at the climax of the song.

Kenneth Babyface Edmonds helped Cheesa during rehearsals, while Ne-Yo was introduced as Green's other celebrity mentor. The rapper talked to Johnson about attacking the song. "You can play it cool in the beginning," he said. "When you get to that second page, you need to go after that girl."

"The finger has gotta stay off the trigger until you're ready to shoot," Johnson replied, showing the cool of her Air Force training.

The battle was the night's best thus far, with both women going note for note after a shaky beginning. Cheesa hit her note, but all four coaches agreed that it was Johnson who shined late in the song. None of the four, including Green, seemed sure of their choice to move on but the Gnarls Barkley star had to make a decision.

"I thought Cheesa had the articulation," he said sending her into a frenzy. Johnson said she appreciated her time on the show and smiled as she walked off camera.

Watch Cheesa and Angie Johnson Perform 'Total Eclipse of the Heart'