Perhaps Cher Lloyd has been nostalgic for Katy Perry's colorful locks because the pop starlet has gone and dyed her hair an electric blue!

The 'Want U Back' songstress told KISS 108, "it's bluer than I thought it would be. Stuff happens...," she continued, "It's one of those situations, where you say you want it a little bit blue, but really you mean like a little bit black." Meaning she wanted a deep and dark blue, bordering on navy or as Cher explained, "Just when the sun hits it it's a bit blue." Boy, her hair will look blue in the sun, rain or snow -- it is bright! She described the color of her new tresses as "blue-haired freak." Your words, Cher, not ours!

Lloyd was very gracious when the DJ joked that her hair was not a color found in nature. She said, "I'm a bit of an odd person myself."

Cher also talked about her fashion sense saying she longs to look "feisty and strong," to make up for her short stature. Aww, poor Cher! We think you look great no matter your height!

The miniature songstress also talked about her growing fanbase and how difficult it is to keep up with social networking. She said, "You have to tweet! You have to do it. People just aren't bothered by ya. And I need people to be bothered by me." You can bother us anytime, Cher! We swear!

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