It appears that 'Swagger Jagger' singer Cher Lloyd's beau has put a ring on it. Though there's been no official word from the former X Factor contestant, but if recent photos are any indication, these two young lovebirds are tying the knot.

At age 18, Cher can't seem to stay out of the limelight lately. After jet-setting to The States late last year to sign with Epic records, she debuted a video for her second single 'Want U Back,' a fun track from her album 'Sticks + Stones.' Now, the young English pop tart seems to be taking the plunge, as she's been spotted recently with her BF of less than a year, wearing what looks like an engagement ring.

Cher started dating Craig in April of 2011, after meeting at a salon where he works. Nine months isn't a long time for a courtship, but it isn't short either, and she seems head-over-heels for the stylist, and they look so cute together! And, um, did we mention he's a hairdresser? Awesome!

Though she hasn't made an official announcement, Cher has supposedly been telling all her friends she's been engaged for a month. Now that she's been seen with the ring, we think it's safe to commence squealing.