British cutie Cher Lloyd, who lost the same season of 'X Factor' as One Direction, is back with her new single 'I Wish,' featuring an assist from rapper T.I. He is currently enjoying the biggest hit of the summer in the form of Robin Thicke's 'Blurred Lines,' on which he features, and adds a quality boost to Lloyd's latest by dropping some lines.

'I Wish' is a crazy catchy song where Lloyd laments the fact that she is not long-legged and rich, and the fact that she doesn't have a booty or a rack, since those are all things that the boy she wants is looking for. Her protagonist is the kinda girl who eschews five inch heels for Nikes and is an Average Jane.

Lloyd's British accent is easily detectable as she sings, but that's part of her charm. 'I Wish' doesn't have that same in-your-face toughness of her smash hit 'Want U Back,' but it's not Cher Lloyd Lite, either. The song has a '90s inspired backbeat and is easy to dance to. Lloyd tries a few falsetto notes here and there, and offers up her words in a baby, breathy style. Think Britney circa 2000.

The song is also something that her legion of fans, aka "Brats," will relate to, since most of don't live up to some antiquated societal ideal, either.

Tip's laid back rap is an added window dressing and gives the song some street cred, too. It's not overpowering and doesn't feel dropped in their "just 'cause," either. It fits quite nicely.

We think Lloyd could be the Brit Brit of her generation. 'I Wish' is an indicator of that.

Listen to Cher Lloyd, 'I Wish' Feat. T.I.