Cher Lloyd's 'Oath' video officially arrives tomorrow (Oct. 4), but in the meantime, the spunky pop star is previewing the clip with two teasers that show her having fun in the sun.

The first teaser is a slow-motion clip of Lloyd with several other ladies walking confidently through the streets and attracting the attention of some nearby guys. The second video features the singer hopping into a convertible with her gal pals and taking in the sunset on the beach, where she sports a swimsuit.

When we spoke with Lloyd recently, she confirmed that going the bikini route was a gamble. "I took many risks with this one," she said. "I wore a bathing suit for the first time... It is a daring thing to do! I know some people might have a certain reaction to it, and I don’t really care about that. It was a big stepping stone in my life to get over confidence issues and body issues and just to say, ‘Ya know what? I am what I am, and I am gonna wear a bathing suit in my video, because why not?'"

Becky G is featured on 'Oath,' a song of devotion in which Lloyd sings, "Wherever you go, just always remember / That you got a home for now and forever / And if you get low, just call me whenever / This is my oath to you."

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Watch Cher Lloyd's Second 'Oath' Video Teaser