Cher Lloyd was a finalist on U.K.'s version of 'X Factor' and she's still hustlin'. She's gracing the cover of the "Hot" issue of Flavour Magazine, as she preps for the release of her album, 'Sticks & Stones.'

The new platter is full of nursery rhyme melodies, raps and some dupstep, and she's worked with Busta Rhymes, Mike Posner and Lady Gaga knob twiddler RedOne. Clearly, Cher Lloyd has the 'X!' She is young and ambitious, just like the mag's motto.

On the cover shot, Cher is sporting a serious multi-finger gold ring that reads "Rebel." That thing could do some damage if she decides to throw a haymaker at someone,  not to mention it could leave an imprint if she fell asleep and held her head up with her fist, like we all used to do in high school during a boring class.

Lloyd's hair falls in a huge pile of curls as she  is blowing a kiss. We like her diamond tattoo on her hand. She's a sassy one, isn't she?

About 'Sticks & Stones,' Lloyd, 18, said, "My album isn’t one specific sound, it varies throughout the whole record. We’ve got songs that are slightly dubsteppy; we’ve got maybe a ballad on there; you know, it’s all very, very different; but I’m so lucky to work with the producers that I have done and get the people I have collaborated with."

When talking about working with rapper Busta Rhytmes, she revealed she never even met him. "You know what? I had no contact with him," she said. "The funniest thing about this music business is people always kinda assume that you sit down and write that track with the other artist. Me and Mike [Posner], we worked in the studio together, but me and Busta didn't." Who needs to be in the same room to collaborate when you've got technology to do the work for you?

One thing is for sure: Cher Lloyd isn't going anywhere.