Former British 'X Factor' contestant Cher Lloyd has a new song called 'Superhero,' which she unveiled in an acoustic performance video.

The clip is short -- less than two minutes -- and features the teen performer singing without a microphone while her companion strums a guitar. She sings about a tumultuous existence with a less-than-caring lover.

"I loved you, I loved you with all that's in my power / I was used and abused, 'til I was sweet and sour," she begins. The line, "You said you could save me / I'm doing the saving," seems to sum up the bummed-out nature of the song, and it reveals that she's actually the superhero on the track. During the powerful chorus, she belts, "I-I-I don't wanna fi-i-ight."

Lloyd's voice sounds much more mature than her 17 years, and the subject matter is powerful. With just one verse and one chorus, this clearly isn't a finished song, but even in its stripped-down, abbreviated version, it's easy to see the song's potential.

Lloyd finished in fourth place of the 7th season of 'X Factor,' which will make its U.S. television debut this fall. She is working on a new album, with the goal of a fall release, while she stays busy promoting another new song called 'Swagger Jagger.'

Listen to Cher Lloyd's 'Superhero' Performance