The Cher Lloyd TV takeover continued this week. The petite British firecracker performed her sassy smash 'Want U Back' on the results episode of 'Dancing With the Stars' last night (Oct. 2) while wearing a super cute tutu!

It was markedly different than her subdued perfs of the same song on 'Ellen' and 'The Tonight Show' earlier this week. Little Miss Lloyd is keeping us guessing, and fully entertained.

For those two previous perfs, Lloyd was unaccompanied by any sort of elaborate stage production or her candy-colored costumes. It was just her, her backing band and a microphone. She looked ladylike in her styling, too.

That all went out the window on 'DWTS.' Here, she was accompanied by tons of dancers, stilt walkers and lots of lights and production. The theme was that of a circus and it was, in a word, epic.

Lloyd also rocked a girly dress with a tutu skirt and a bedazzled heart on the bodice. She danced around in black combat boots while cradling a bejeweled microphone, too. She usually rocks a spiked mic, but not tonight. Her overall vibe was a mix of tough and girly, which signifies her music, as well.

It was a confident performance amid a circus-like atmosphere. Nice work, lady.

Lloyd was not given a chance to speak much at all after her performance to promote the release of 'Sticks + Stones' and not because it was live TV and things were rushed. Rumor is the singer's thick British accent makes her hard to understand, according to The Daily Mail.

Her brogue is indeed thick, but it's still English and we can pick up what she is putting down. She should have been given a chance to chat. Still, we were thoroughly impressed by her latest live rendition of 'Want U Back.'