Cher Lloyd just dropped her video for 'With Ur Love,' and the fantasy theme in the clip reminded us of another songstress, Katy Perry! Her 'Wide Awake' video is slightly similar to Lloyd's, in the sense that both play fairy princesses in magical, faraway lands, but which of these regal videos would you prefer to watch?

In Lloyd's clip for 'With Ur Love,' the always adorable Brit shows off two sides of her personality. Inside of her gigantic castle, we see the light fairy princess version of Lloyd, who wears white and gazes out the window at the male suitors vying for her attention. Then, on the other hand, we've got the darker version of Princess Cher, wearing gothic-inspired garb (including a braided hair necklace, ick) with a wicked gleam in her eye... which is appropriate since she is literally cooking up trouble. We soon find out she is a witch, as we see her all-female court snatching the illuminated spirits of their male visitors and brewing them into a bright, rainbow potion in order to give their perfect man life.

Then, we've got Katy Perry's 'Wide Awake' video, a fairytale story that like Cher's 'With Ur Love' clip, finds the star encountering both good and evil forces. As she drifts into a daydream, Katy tries to make her way out of a murky maze, and soon discovers a younger version of herself hiding in the scary make-believe world. Grown-up Katy becomes her protector and the duo enter a spooky hall of mirrors and a seriously creepy jail or mental hospital-type place before they make their way to their safe haven of flowers. Like Ms. Lloyd, Katy also has several costume changes that adjust with her surrounding environment.

Check out Cher Lloyd's magical masquerade in 'With Ur Love,' as well as Katy's twisted fairytale adventures in 'Wide Awake,' and let us know which music video you like best by voting below!

Watch the Cher Lloyd 'With Ur Love' Video

Watch the Katy Perry 'Wide Awake' Video

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