Cher Lloyd packed the release week of 'Sticks & Stones' with plenty of TV performances, the best of which was her sassy rendition of 'Want U Back' on 'The Tonight Show' on Oct. 1.

First, let us say, we're loving the petite British singer's brown waves and more mature outfits. She had a loud, colorful style a la Katy Perry when we first met her, and she's toned it down quite a bit. Lloyd has been showing off a more refined and pretty image as she continues to mount her American takeover. It's earned two enthusiastic thumbs up from us.

Lloyd wore a tie dyed jumper paired with black ankle strap heels and statement accessories, including her spiked microphone, all of which allowed her to keep her edge. But then again, Lloyd could be a circle and she'd still have edge. Nothing can dull or blunt this girl.

Her 'Tonight Show' perf was markedly better than her 'Ellen' gig earlier in the day, during which she seemed a bit too reserved and even a bit nervous. For Jay Leno's audience, she was poised, confident and utterly adorbs. In fact, the lovely Lloyd performed as though she were in a room full of her beloved Brats. The sass factor was in full effect, and she sounded nearly flawless. Her vocals were on key and in time, and the overall perf was infectious.

We're still befuddled by the fact that Lloyd and her fellow countrymen One Direction were losers on the same season of the British version of 'X Factor.' That amounts to an epic reality singing show fail.