Twice is nice when it comes to Cher Lloyd's video for 'Want U Back,' which was redone for U.S. audiences. Perhaps in an effort to gain support from Americans, the action in the new version takes place in a diner, which is a hangout mecca and cultural touchstone of our society. Or just a place to nosh and talk!

Is Lloyd, who hails from the U.K., trying to show us she "gets" our culture? Who cares! The song and the "just for us" version are super fun.

A little context, though: The original, featuring 'X Factor' contestant Astro, centered on lots and lots of images. Lloyd was shown playing with Polaroids and coming to life from magazine covers. 'Want U Back,' version 2.0, is Astro-free, however.

Lloyd is a tattooed cutie, a modern pinup, sitting in a diner and getting her mug shot taken -- while smiling -- in the space of four minutes. She has mastered the art of making rubbery faces a la Nicki Minaj and Jim Carrey.

There's some romantic drama and Lloyd shows herself as a sassy girl and a temptress, dancing on the countertop, writing with a bottle of ketchup and wreaking a little havoc. She's the quintessential bad girl with the heart of gold that you root for. Like a British sexpot version of Britney, if you will.

Watch the U.S. Version of Cher Lloyd's 'Want U Back' Video