Across her 50-plus-year career in entertainment, Cher has sported more costumes than are available in a Ricky's discount warehouse (NEWSPAPER WIG ALWAYS AND FOREVER), but it's her latest look that's truly left us moonstruck.

The pop icon, who's most famous in the fashion world as Bob Mackie's muse, has presumably just knocked Anna Wintour and the better part of the Vogue editorial staff on their asses with her latest couture venture: a feature in the 2015 Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter campaign that's equal parts Morticia Addams and Hells Angels renegade. And the project's first image is so striking that Jacobs, himself, seemed gobsmacked when he posted a sneak peek of the creative on Instagram this morning.

"The amazing and beautiful CHER! Photographed by David Sims for our Fall/Winter campaign.. This is just the beginning...More to come!!" he captioned the shot, which finds Cher dresesed in head-to-toe black and carefully fiddling with a pair of leather gloves. And if you're under the impression that Cher's the type to take prisoners, her marked expression dares you to test her. This is, without question, "Bad Blood"'s most noticeable oversight. Sigh...

Though the choice of model might seem unexpected, Jacobs voiced his adoration of the star when he accompanied her to the 2015 Met Gala earlier this month. "This has been a dream of mine for a very, very long time," he told the New York Times.

Digging Cher's latest look? A little afraid she might jump through the screen and kick your ass? Rattle off your first impression in the comments.

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