In 2002, Cher famously remarked, "If I want to put my tits on my back, it's nobody's business but my own." However, in a weird turn of events, Cher confirmed that she had work done on her nose and teeth during that same interview.

Since making these statements, the 'Believe' singer has clearly gone under the knife a few more times. Check out the pictures to left and below -- doesn't it look like Cher's had some lip injections, and perhaps an eye lift or two?

A decade ago, Cher also shot down claims that she had plastic surgery on her cheeks. That might have been true in 2002, but this is surely not the case now. It's become painfully obvious that the 66-year-old singer has attempted to maintain her youthfully full cheeks.

While it's still unclear exactly which surgeries she's had, Cher certainly has tried her darndest to turn back time. Now, go watch this obligatory clip of Jack from 'Will & Grace' doing his Cher impression.

Douglas Miller / Michael Buckner, Getty Images