Cherlise's 'Hollyhood' featuring Brianna reminds us of a more street version of a Beyonce offering. Suspend disbelief for a second and think Beyonce with a little more grit, a lot less polish, and a bit of a street edge. That's pretty much Cherlise and 'Hollyhood' in a nutshell.

The song has bountiful hip-hop swagger, thanks to Brianna, but Cherlise can also sing effectively in the R&B style and asserts herself as a strong female without sacrificing femininity or style. On 'Hollyhood,' Cherlise has flow, establishing from the get-go that she's "A superstar / And I'm living good / I don't drive a Bentley / But I probably should." This is one star that's on the rise; Cherlise knows what she wants and she's not afraid to present herself as an alpha female.

Lyrical braggadocio aside, 'Hollyhood' is built on a reggae-influenced beat. The rap mid-section elevates the song's already high level of confidence. Cherlise admits to being "classy, sassy and kinda hood." Try and shake that hook from your head once you hear it. Go ahead. We dare you! It's an epic fail when you try to purge your brain of this song!

Cherlise is working on her album 'Like a Woman,' so 'Hollyhood' is a nice preview taste of her undeniable talents.

Listen to Cherlise, 'Hollyhood' Feat. Brianna