Singer Cherlise promises she can love you better than your current girl on her first single, 'Love U Right,' which features a cameo from Lil Wayne.

The Miami newcomer sings "I ain't hatin,' but I know she don't love you right," on the song, which blends hip-hop and R&B influences. The track is produced by Rico Love, who signed Cherlise to his Division1 label. Rico has been responsible for a number of huge hits, like Kelly Rowland's 'Motivation' and Beyonce's 'Sweet Dreams.'

'Love U Right' sounds every bit as radio-ready as those two songs. Cherlise brings a confident attitude to her performance, singing, "I know you feel like you the man / But you should understand, you need something better hangin' on your arm / So here's your chance to change up your plans, boo / Holla at me, my lovin's the bomb."

She holds her own while singing atop a heavy, rolling bass, which drops out during the chorus, replaced by sirens and other electronics.

On his verse, Weezy raps, "I'm cooler than Doritos in the blue bag / Oh, that's your old man? Girl, you need a new man / I ain't hatin', I'm just speakin' my mind / And if you ever wanna leave, I got a tree you can climb."

Cherlise has not announced a full album release yet, but 'Love U Right' shows a lot of promise, so we'll be keeping an eye on her.

Listen to Cherlise, 'Love U Right' Feat. Lil Wayne