The always fashionable Cheryl Cole recently launched a line of shoes she co-designed with but the singer and ousted 'X Factor' judge has been hit with complaints from customers.

While the shoes look good, they are poorly constructed. The Your Royal Hotness stiletto, which is suede, with a closed toe, ankle strap and studs, has bore the brunt of the criticism from those who've purchased them. It's doubly embarrassing for Cole, since she said this particular heel was her "signature shoe," saying it had to be girly and glam in order to represent her."

The Sun reports that Sheena Smith, 31, of West London was not impressed with the shoe, saying, "I love Cheryl Cole's style and thought the shoes looked fantastic on the website. When I got them, there was immediately a problem with the heel. The packaging was fantastic but the quality of the shoes was awful." Smith was disappointed she was unable to wear them to her holiday party.

Now, suppliers are warning customers that the shoe might be faulty, offering a replacement pair or a refund if the stitching fails. The Sun reports that Stylistpick even issued this statement: "We advise there is a slight possibility your shoes may have a minor fault."

Yikes! Poor Cheryl. First she gets the boot from the U.S. version of 'X Factor' and now her shoes are being viewed as bunk. Hopefully, 2012 will be better for her.