Chewbacca is ditching his gig as Han Solo's right-hand man to become a member of Random Axe's entourage. In Random Axe's hilarious new video for the song 'Chewbacca,' which also features Roc Marciano, everyone's favorite Wookiee is hitting the streets hard, smoking blunts, punching out security guards and grinding on ladies left and right.

In the video for 'Chewbacca,' the wookiee rises from bed, looking more scruffy and tangled than ever -- maybe if he stuck with his 'Star Wars' crew instead of partying hard with Random Axe, his coat would be looking more sleek and woman-friendly? Chewie likes to start his day by reading some Nat Geo on the toilet, toking on some herb, and petting his R2D2 statues. After he gets lifted and eats his breakfast, it's time for Chewie to cause some chaos.

Before he decides to crash a Random Axe show, Chewbacca practices some karate moves in the park. He then steals a golf cart, knocks out a security guard, and rushes the stage. After he is welcomed with open arms by Random Axe, who "rhyme with the force of a Jedi cypher," Chewie takes to the crowd to find himself a lady. Although many of the female audience members are into the idea of dancing with a 'Star Wars' icon, we doubt he got any numbers because of the whole body hair thing -- not to mention that he doesn't even speak English.

Watch the Random Axe 'Chewbacca' Video Feat. Roc Marciano