Actress Molly Glynn has died after being hit by a falling tree while bike riding with her husband in a storm.

Glynn, who played a doctor on 'Chicago Fire' and was a veteran stage actress, was caught in a storm while bike riding with her husband Joe Foust in Chicago's Erickson Woods on Friday, Sept. 6, Us Weekly reports. Foust, an actor as well, reportedly heard his wife yell that they should take cover before a tree uprooted itself and fell on her. Glynn later died in the hospital.

Foust has taken to Facebook to express his unimaginable grief in the wake of his wife's death, sharing pictures of him and Glynn and keeping friends, family, loved ones and even strangers updated.

"I couldn't save her. I couldn't save her. She's gone," he wrote, later sharing a photo of himself wearing Glynn's wedding rings. Foust revealed that she will be donating her organs.

Fans can donate to the Molly Glynn Memorial Trust GiveForward campaign, which will give funds to help her family and the couple's two teenage sons.

Foust did not mince words about the appreciation he has for every person who has been there for him in the most difficult time imaginable.

"I want to respond to every individual who has helped out in this terrible time, but not sure when I can. Molly would be so grateful to all of you. I couldn't still be here without that support network. I would have laid down next to her and died," he wrote. "I will continue to struggle to find love and joy and goodness. If I was gone, I would have wished she could find those things again, too. I will continue to try to find a new way to live. I just can picture it yet."

R.I.P. Molly Glynn. Our thoughts are with her family and friends during this immensely difficult time.