Following several mixtapes and two EPs, Chiddy Bang are ready to reveal their major label debut, 'Breakfast,' due out on Feb. 28.

The 12-song LP will feature a fresh set of songs from the Philadelphia-based hip-hop duo, including their first single, 'Mind Your Manners,' their Train-assisted track, 'Baby Roulette,' and their new single, 'Ray Charles.'

"Breakfast is the most important meal of the day," rapper Chiddy “Chidera” Anamege said. "Our Breakfast is going to be the breakfast of champions. Who wouldn’t want that?"

In just three years, the rap/DJ group has made a name for itself with its genre-blending tunes, but truly started to pick up stream with their 2010 hit song, 'Opposite of Adults,' featuring a sample of 'Kids' by MGMT.

Earlier this year, Chiddy made headlines when he scored a Guinness World Record for Longest Freestyle Rap, beating out the previous record of 9 hours and 16 minutes. Not only did he surpass the mark, but he exceeded it by 2 minutes and 22 seconds.

Now, Chiddy and Noah “Xaphoon Jones” Beresin are ready to take on the world with a "proper" full-length release. "We have spent the past two years going from performances in frat house rec rooms to the mainstage of festivals like Glastonbury and Bamboozle," Xaphoon added. "We have spent a lot of time honing our sound and creating the best beats and rhymes. To be able to release a proper album for our fans is the greatest feeling."

Chiddy Band, 'Breakfast' Track Listing:

1. 'Breakfast'
2. 'Handclaps & Guitars'
3. 'Mind Your Manners'
4. 'Ray Charles'
5. 'Does She Love Me'
6. 'Run It Back'
7. 'Out 2 Space'
8. 'Whatever We Want'
9. 'Talking To Myself'
10. 'Happening'
11. 'Baby Roulette'
12. '4th Quarter'