If you are still in the Halloween mood, then check out Donald Glover's latest video for 'Bonfire.' The clip is the 'Community' actor's latest visuals under his rap alias Childish Gambino. Fair warning: The video is creepy, and yes, there is blood.

In the clip, Gambino finds himself in the forest with a noose around his neck and spitting up a mouth full of blood (ewww). Dazed and confused, he walks through the woods to gather his bearings and comes across a campfire where a group of people are telling ghost stories. Gambino also see a mysterious man with a butcher knife approaching the campfire as if he's ready to do some bloody damage. When Gambino tries to warn the people of the attacker, no one hears or sees him because... he's actually dead.

Although Glover is known for his comedic role as Troy on 'Community,' so it's good to see him branch out and create an interesting video for his rap project. As for his rapping skills, the verdict is still out on that. So far, Gambino has been generating a lot of buzz for his upcoming album 'Camp,' which hits stores on Nov. 15. Hopefully, his album will get some shine on the same day that Drake takes over the world.

Watch the Childish Gambino, 'Bonfire' Video