Opening the 2011 CMT Awards tonight (June 8 ) was a trailer featuring country superstars Taylor Swift and Shania Twain, who hit the highway -- 'Thelma & Louise' style -- in an old-school powder blue convertible, just before taking a memorable cliff dive.

You see, Taylor's heart gets broken, so she reaches out to Shania for comfort. The two embark on a life-affirming road trip, crossing paths with comedian Ron White and acclaimed country stars Kenny Rogers and Kid Rock. But most importantly, they have a run-in with 'Glee' heartthrob Chord Overstreet.

The mock trailer, called 'Taylor and Shania,' proved that the two head-turners can handle guns and a little-off roading. But we must add that Chord is a perfect fit for a Brad Pitt role, catching Taylor Swift's eye as he sprayed himself with a water hose at a local gas station. Immediately smitten, Taylor tells him, "that does impress me, very much" pulling a famous line from Shania's discography. But just as soon as Chord drops the word "cougar," the girls are off again, leaving the towhead in the dust.

You know how the movie ... er, trailer ends, but we have to say: This was quite an intro. Too bad it won't make it on the silver screen.