Chord Overstreet plays the lovestruck underdog in his first big release following his rise to 'Glee' fame. His single, 'Beautiful Girl,' is a subtle and catchy way to jump into the musical stream, and makes it clear that the 22-year-old actor/songwriter comes from a very talented family (his brother Nash is in Hot Chelle Rae).

"Can you hear me? / Barely breathing as you pass me by / You're an angel, with a body / Got me crazy without even trying / I'm a mess / I'm a wreck / No one makes me feel like this / Beautiful girl," Chord sings in the first verse, hooking all of the ladies before the first chorus.

The song then picks up with a light dance track and a few great one liners, like when the trouty mouthed heartthrob asks the girl in question, "Do you even know you're beautiful, girl?" Swoon!

We think 'Beautiful Girl' would make a pretty hoppin' club mix, like the kind that gets played around 1:30 AM when things start to slow down. It's certainly a strong first effort on Chord's part, even if it is pretty generic. Given his experience in the industry and his music-friendly name, we're sure this sugary-sweet track will help set him on the road to success in the pop world, as well.

Of course, not everyone can be Justin Bieber.

Listen to Chord Overstreet, 'Beautiful Girl'