If there's one thing Britney Spears has in addition to beauty and talent, it's great instincts when it comes to dancing and performing. Just ask Alison Faulk, who serves as the supervising choreographer on Brit's 'Femme Fatale' tour. Faulk, whose job relates to anything involving dancing during the show, revealed that Brit Brit is hands, er, feet on when it comes to the show. She also said Spears is vocal about what she wants, with Faulk declaring that Britney has "great instincts."

Faulk told Dance On that Brit is pro-active and comes to her with ideas. "Sometimes she wants to add a breakdown here or just new choreography," Faulk said. "Basically, she will tell me what she wants and we'll talk about it and figure out if that's the best thing for the number. Usually, she is pretty right on. She has great instincts."

Falk revealed that there is a dance in every number on the show, so "there is not a moment where there is not some sort of dance going on!" That's a lot to keep track of, in addition to making sure the Femme Fatale herself is happy and in a groove, literally. There are 16 dancers in Brit's show, including b-boys, trickers and femme guys who are able to pull of both male and female dance styles!

Since Faulk works on the tour, she has firsthand knowledge of Brit's incredibly loyal and "super dedicated" fanbase. Fans, both the guys and the girls, wear Brit's iconic outfits to the shows and they remain on their feet. "They don't sit down," Faulk said. "They stand the entire show. The noise level is insane."

Watch Alison Faulk Speak About Britney Spears Choreography and Tour