R&B crooner-turned-rapper Chris Brown links up with Bow Wow to spit some braggadocios lyrics on '2 Young 2 Give a F---.' The dynamic rap duo unabashedly floss like they are the boss on the Harmony-produced joint. "FREE MUSIC for my fans!!!," Brown tweeted. "If haters don't like it... EAT A D---!" Slow down, dude, it's not that serious.

On the track, MC Breezy rhymes about copping Bentleys, collecting money and selling out shows worldwide. "At 15, a Bentley was just a kid's dream / Now these cuff links got me speaking like I'm European / A hundred thousand pack at a show in Manilla / Then I'm down in Africa where the kids are the killas / I got a mind of a king but a heart of a gorilla / You could imitate but ain't nobody this real-a," he spits.

Bow Wizzle follows up with his taunts of dominating the rap game and telling wack emcees to fall back. He raps, "Stop playing with me / Y'all lame to me / Me and Chris got our weight up / Better get your cake up / Like GNC, get your weight up / New cars every month / Ain't no front / Y'all niggas are in a slump / We are the hottest doin' it / Don't front / Better act like y'all know what's up."

If you want to hear more from Brown and Bow Wow, you can catch them performing on the star-studded F.A.M.E. tour beginning Oct. 5 in Miami. Also on the bill is Kelly Rowland, Tyga and T-Pain.

Listen to Chris Brown, '2 Young 2 Give a F---' Feat. Bow Wow