Chris Brown caught a lucky break this morning as 95 out of the 117 parking tickets he accumulated were recently dismissed. Brown's attorney, Mark Geragos, said last month that the crooner racked up $15,000 worth of parking citations because it was believed that he was parking in handicapped spaces at his Los Angeles apartment complex.

But, according to parking authorities, this is not the case. The parking spaces in question were designated for Brown from the beginning and he wasn't doing anything illegal by parking in those spots. Brown is not entirely off the hook, yet. The 'Look at Me Now' singer has "22 citations" on the books for other parking offenses. So, it looks like he will have to cough up some major dough for the rest of those violations.

This parking fiasco all stems from his neighbors at his Los Angeles condo trying to get Brown's probation revoked based on his alleged behavior at the complex. As we previously reported, neighbors are fed up with Brown and want him out of his condominium. Superior Court Judge Patricia Schnegg has ordered Brown to appear in court on Oct. 12 to investigate the singer's alleged inappropriate behavior at the apartment building.