Poor Chris Brown. While he has committed plenty of transgressions courtesy of his temper and has used Twitter to vent and express his beefs, but right now, he can't catch a break. Someone created a duplicate (and fake) Twitter account pretending to be Breezy and started trash talking pop diva Cher.

The tweet referred to Cher as a "granny b----" and threatened her with a beating. Oh boy. It stated: "That damn GRANNY b---- CHER needs to keep her mouth SHUTTTT about her opinion against obama !!! smh she needs a beating."

Cher fans saw the tweet, let her know and began to counterattack Breezy via his real account. Cher was quick to reply about the comments, but so was Breezy himself. It was quickly squashed, with Cher saying that Brown impresses her as an artist and that she's looking forward to seeing him perform Friday on the TODAY show. You can see Brown's exchange of tweets with Cher below.

What a digital mess. The hacker/fake tweeter was quickly foiled.

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